Location Getting There

The Batllia is located on the sunny side of the river valley towards Ter Camprodon, in the municipality of Sant Joan de les Abadesses amidst a natural surrounding, easy access and good connections.

To get there you must take the road towards the town of Ogassa and after the old railroad station in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, about 200m. approx., you have to divert you to the right (follow signpost indicating yellow) for a fully paved road leads directly to the house (1.5 km approx.) Click here to see the way to reach the house

From Barcelona 1,15 hours (110 km)
From Girona 1,00 hours (80 km)
From Figueres (Costa Brava) 1.15 hours (80 km)
From Francia a 30 minutes (30 km) through Molló
From Andorra a 2,30 hours (155 km)
From Lleida 2’30 hours (220 km)


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